Obsenad #1 January 26, 2002
Obsenad is a short story that is usually written for to the Senad (adult Sentinel) list for doing a boo-boo, a welcome, just because...etc.

A weary Sentinel and his Guide entered the elevator, Jim carrying the plastic bags full of Chinese food. Blair leaned up against the back of the elevator and briefly removed his glasses to rub his eyes.

"Man, what a week."

Jim grunted in reply. He was so tired, that was as much as he could manage. All he wanted to do was have something to eat, grab a shower and curl up in bed with Sandburg, but he figured he'd have to settle for just Chinese and the shower.

Suddenly the elevator jolted and stopped, the lights flickering, then going out altogether.

"Perfect. Just perfect." The panic began to rise inside Blair and he started to wring his hands. "Are we stuck? Cuz if we're stuck.I really hope we get outta here soon, man. I really *really* don't like being stuck in confined spaces."

Jim placed a comforting hand on Blair's shoulder, "Relax, Chief. We'll be going again in no time. You'll be fine. I'll take your mind off it. Trust me."

Blair laughed nervously, "Always do, Jim. Always do."

The hand on his shoulder had become an arm around his shoulders, pulling him close. Blair could feel the heat radiating through Jim's shirt, could smell the salty maleness of his Sentinel's body. He cursed his lack of control as, despite his discomfort, the blood wended its inexorable way southward, filling and lengthening his cock. Blair hoped that Jim's senses would be otherwise engaged for his sense of smell to register his arousal.

It was a vain hope.

"Sandburg?" Jim whispered, his hot breath tickling the edge of Blair's ear. "You're hard."

"You noticed, huh? Got those senses on high alert .oooohh god"

Blair's bravado evaporated as Jim's big hand stroked his cock purposefully through the thick denim.

"And you smell.mmmmm." His lips caressed the outer shell of his Guide's ear, the vibration of Jim's voice sending bolts of pleasure through Blair's erection. "I never knew."

"Aahh, well, I. didn't think you'd appreciate that particular little twist in our relationship."

Ellison purred, "Oh I do, Chief. I definitely do. In fact, I'm going to give you a clue as to how much." He took Blair's shaking hand and placed it on his own denim covered hardness, smiling as he heard the other man gasp.

"Oh man."

Jim turned, so that they were face to face and slowly took off Blair's glasses, depositing them in the breast pocket of his ever present plaid shirt. Jim smiled at Blair's slightly confused expression. "Don't want them to get in the way," he whispered, as he grasped Blair's ponytail gently, cradling the back of the younger man's head in his hand.

Blair's lips were already moist and slightly parted as Jim captured them with his own, riding them softly, then probing inside tentatively with his tongue. The soft moans of pleasure coming from his lover urged him into further exploration, tracing teeth and palate, Blair's tongue matching him, drawing his tongue further inside and making its own explorations inside Jim's mouth.

Eventually they had to break for air, and Blair was surprised not to see Jim's face as he opened his eyes. His Sentinel was on his knees, making short work of Blair's belt buckle, then shucking down his jeans and shorts. Blair sighed as the cool air floated across his throbbing cock, then hissed as Jim nuzzled his furry balls and buried his face in Blair's pubic hair, breathing deeply, taking in the scent of his lover's arousal and appreciating it in a way only a Sentinel could.

"Beautiful. Just beautiful," Jim murmured and took Blair's shaft firmly in hand. He was practically salivating at the prospect of tasting what he'd only fantasised about for so long. His tongue dipped into the small opening at the head of Blair's cock and lapped the pre-cum like a kitten licking cream. The younger man moaned softly and pushed his hips forward blindly, urging the other man to take him deep.

Jim wanted to savour every taste and touch, wanted to make it last, but now he knew how Blair felt about him, there would be plenty of opportunity to play another time. Blair needed to come and Jim was going to make it happen.

"God, Jim. Suck it. Please. I can't last much longer," the younger man begged, and Jim swooped onto his cock, taking it full length into his mouth and throat. Strong hands grabbed Blair's ass and held him firmly as Jim's mouth worked him into a frenzy, sucking hard and flicking the head with his tongue on each outward stroke. Jim was good at this. So good it was taking Blair's breath away. He put his hands around the Sentinel's head and rocked his hips until the crescendo of pleasure brought the tingle to his balls.

"Now.now. take it Jim.ooooooooohh!" Blair threw back his head and came. Hard

Spurt after spurt of come slid down Jim's waiting throat and he swallowed gratefully, easing the pressure as Blair came down off the orgasm. He held his lover firmly, but gently through the aftershocks and took every drop Blair had to offer, licking his softening member clean.

Jim pulled the shorts and jeans back up as a barely conscious Blair leaned heavily against the wall of the elevator, panting hard, his heart threatening to burst through his chest and the sound threatening to deafen his Sentinel. The air was thick with the scent of lust, sweat and semen and Jim stood up, taking Blair in his arms and kissing him softly.

"You okay, Chief?"

Blair chuckled, "What do *you* think? Man, who knew you'd give such great head?"

Jim smiled enigmatically, "I'm a man of many talents."

"I guess so. Wow. Hey! Great timing."

The elevator jolted back to life and took them the short trip to their floor. The goofy grins and sly looks between them were probably a dead giveaway to the neighbours, but neither of them cared. Something special was starting here, and nothing and no-one was going to spoil it. Blair fumbled slightly with the keys as he opened the door to the loft, then turned to Jim.

"We have...issues to discuss. Wouldn't you say?"

"Er, yeah. I'd say so," Jim grinned.

"And I also have to pay you back in kind."

"Whatever you say, Chief."